With only 4 mouse clicks, the patient is selected, the transaction recorded, the invoice or receipt on paper or digitally transmitted and all underlying records, to accounting, done. That is we mean by intelligent! We have more than 30 years experience in making practice administrations. For this we are award winning. You can benefit too.
You do not have to invest. You rent the program per month. You can use everything available for the program to perform your administration and management of your practice. i-Clinic comes with a manual and a quick start guide that allows to be up and running within half an hour of work. Do you have a question during use? The support is free!
You can organize the Electronic Patient File to your own ideas or use the method of your colleagues. In a simple way you can make a drawing in the anamnesis, using standardized texts, record treatments, add documents and captured photos to the patient medical file. Choose from 12 items to manage your files. The EPF meets the stringent requirements to ensure the privacy of your patients.
If your diary automatically reminds a patient, to his or her appointment by e-mail or SMS, it prevents the patient to forget the appointment and your foregone revenue. If this occurs with a patient per month, the rent for the whole month is fulfilled.

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