Service & Support

The handling of support, on the use of i-Clinic, is governed by our Service Agreement. By clicking on the link below, you can see a copy of this Agreement, save to your computer and print. This agreement is governed by how we deliver support and what we can and can not do when using our software. Annually, the adjusted amounts for support. You can find the rates for support in the Service Agreement and on the Rates page.
By completing the questionnaire you can ask your support to the helpdesk i-Clinic set. The helpdesk staff will, in accordance with the Support Agreement as soon as possible to respond to your question. Fill in the required fields as completely as possible and click on the Send button to send your support request. Only fully completed forms will be considered.
Data Migration

Do you currently have a computer with a patient administration? We may use this data likely for you to transfer.

If you have the address of your patients are available in an Excel spreadsheet, you've come to the table definition query and your data yourself ranking according to this specification. After we fixed-fee data from the Excel spreadsheet provided by you transfer.

Conversion of address data of your patients from other systems we can provide. Give us what system you are using and we will give you an estimate of the expected costs.

Do you need other tables to transfer, consult with us. We may charge an appropriate offer.

The above amounts are based on the transfer of the information to our office. Would you like us to do this at your location, we can do an appropriate offer.
i-Clinic does not have special system requirements, there are minimum system requirements

System Requirements

- Microsoft Windows 7 or later
- Monitor 1024 * 768 pixels, 16 bit color
- 256 MB internal memory
- 40 MB free disk space
- A working ADSL Internet connection

It is illegal to computer with confidential patient records directly to the Internet to connect. You should, according to the legislature, every effort to to keep this information may be disseminated or access to third parties. Consult your hardware vendor to offer an appropriate solution.

System Advice

- Intel Pentium 4 or higher
- Microsoft Windows 7
- Monitor 19 "with 1024 * 768 pixels, 32 bit color
- 512 MB internal memory
- 80 GB hard disk or larger
- DVD player

i-Clinic can be used on any computer that has a Microsoft Windows operating system or on an Apple system with a virtual guest operating system such as Windows XP Pro or Windows Vista Business through VM ware Fusion.

The following operating systems are supported:

Microsoft Windows Vista Home Edition
Microsoft Windows Vista Business Edition
Microsoft Windows 7 Home Edition
Microsoft Windows 7 Business Edition
Microsoft Windows 8

For use on a network server are supported:
Microsoft Windows 2003 Server
Microsoft Windows 2008 Server
Microsoft Windows 2012 Server

For use on an Apple computer is supported:
VM ware Fusion